Further Thoughts on a Middle Aged Man’s Ingestion of Popular Culture


So I’ve been seeing a lot of tumblr posts involving anacondas and puns and various wants lately.

And I figured that Sir Mix a Lot’s “Baby Got Back” had experienced some kind of 21st century renaissance among all of tumblr.

But then it turns out I guess that Nicki Minaj is involved? 

Basically, I learn about new popular music via punny GIFs.

#baby got back#anacondas mostly want birds#that is not a euphemism or anything#they eat birds

So basically what I got from the article was…




If it wasn’t for Katrina, Ichabbie would literally be banging in every episode…

DAMNIT KATRINA!! You ruin EVERYTHING!! When will the madness end?

but — but they’re siblings! he’s married! no romo! so platonic!

how many sex scenes are we gonna get?


and that’s why ichabbie is endgame. 

but can we talk about nicole in this promo pic?



all sexy and ready to seduce the fuck out of hawley

the boy isn’t ready

Abbie got Nick and Ichabod like


A message from Anonymous
1. From watching all the sneak peeks, I think this is likely to happen on Monday's SH. Crane and Abbie are both at the library, but Crane got distracted in the historical biography section, so she left him to mumble to himself about gross inaccuracies, and went to check out books on the paranormal because they've finally read every book in the archive. That's when Hawley tries to smooth talk his way into Abbie's pants, but fails spectacularly. This is when Abbie happens upon the Weeping Lady.
A reply from dottierthanthou

2. The WP must have seen something romantic between ichabbie (because honestly when are they not lowkey flirting?), and came to drown Abbie at the library. Crane finds her in time to pull her from the water, but she’s ingested too much water and she’s unconscious. Hawley hears him begging her to wake up, rushes over, and immediately begins performing CPR which makes Crane absolutely livid since he doesn’t know what CPR is and all he sees is a scoundrel sexually assaulting an unconscious Abbie.

3. Hawley has to shove him aside and do the big damn hero thing (you want me to save her or not?) and Crane allows him to continue performing CPR although he remains very distressed about it (because again, all he sees is Hawley kissing Abbie). Abbie revives with a sputter and starts breathing, and Crane crushes her to his chest with relief. That is how Crane grudgingly accepts Hawley as a member of the gang for the next few episodes, but only because he owes him the life of his … Abbie.

4. I think this will be the beginning of the process to endear both ichabbie and the audience to Hawley. He was a sellout and kind of a coward in the last 2 eps, but if he saves our hero’s life, he basically gets a clean slate. It’s either ep 8 or 9 when Crane asks Hawley his intentions toward Abbie at Club Twerk, so that’s at least 4 eps of him flirting with her and maybe by ep 9 her flirting back or even them hooking up.

5. Either way I think something bad is gonna happen w Hawley. Either he’s gonna die or betray them. He can’t stick around long term, especially if it really looks like something is developing with Abbie that would distract from the ichabbie bond. Which is why Crane will be there to comfort her after it all goes down, hopefully without him saying “I told you so.” Sorry this is so long, I dreamt about sh last night and I woke up with so many thoughts I had to share.

1. I love this and super-hope it happens.

2. Never say sorry for sending me asks, especially long ones and especially excellent theories that I super-hope happens.

3. Did I mention I super-hope this happens?

4. The only thing I’d add is I’d hope Hawley calls her Abbie when he’s CPR-ing her (“Come on Abbie”) because I feel like it would be one more thing to stab at Ichabod, and cause it’ll show us and Ichy that Nick has some feelings going on, because so far it’s coming off kind of a lot like like “hey lemme tap that”. 

5. The one thing I disagree with is that saving our heroes = clean slate, cause that was up for debate with Katrina for a while too and I’m sorry but I don’t hand out clean slates that easy. But Nick is better off than Kat so saving Abbie would at least bring his character score up a fair bit. But so far the only things he’s got on Ichy is actually having a job/money and knowing pop references, so he needs to step up a bit. 

6. I think you’re right about Hawley, although I could see them keeping him around for a while. If he keeps his day job, tracking down artifacts (which could come in handy even if he’s also helping Team Witness on the side) then he wouldn’t be in the way of Ichabbie partnership, and if he and Abbie has a thing going then it delays the inevitable Ichabbie hook-up some more once Kat’s gone. Which I’m actually fine with (late s3-s4 Ichabbie is ideal imo), Ichabod’s got a marriage to get over first no matter how it ends, and I’d like him to do some (conscious) pining before they get together too. 

7. Thanks for sharing! :D


So Crane and Abbie are getting really wet tonight, huh?






Ichabbie feels.


Can Ichabod and Abbie just fall in love and have 10,000 adorable, ass-kicking babies already? It would be better than Ichabod and Katrina having more babies, I mean look how their 1st kid turned out 😒


Sleepy Hollow day!


  • *braces for Ichabbie feels*
  • *braces in an entirely different way for more Floptrina and her whimpery-ass voice*
  • *tries not to imagine what her no doubt super-weepy letter to Ichy will sound like because hearing that once will be plenty…*
  • My Dearest Ichabod, using my amazing spy skills I have managed to learn of a new plot by Team Evil + Our Dear Son Who Is Just Going Through a Phase: They will attempt to do evil again, possibly with the use of some supernatural creature or artifact - you’re welcome. I hope this message finds you well and not having adorable coffee dates or hot car sex with Miss Mills. PS: Sorry about dropping the ball on the Judas Coin and Pied Piper, I was busy doing my 18th Century-Sydney Bristow cosplay and attempting to reason with Death and War. PS2: Sending this “tweet”, as my 70 year old son tells me the kids call it these days, with my trusted bird Shaft, who I trained myself and thus should not bite you or try to peck your eyes out. PS3: This is your wife, Katrina.
  • Damnit. She didn’t even stick to 140 characters.